Nick is a mechanical engineer and maker based in the Denver area. He has spent the past seven years making elaborate costumes and objects inspired from his favorite media outlets. He is overwhelmed with feelings of “I must have it” when he experiences new content from beloved universes, such as Marvel, DC, and Disney. 
     Chasing this need for what he sees on screen or in theme parks, he has experience dealing with both soft and hard materials, with skills ranging from sewing to sculpting to 3D modeling, mechanical design and 3D printing. Examples of his craftsmanship and attention to detail can be seen in the work posted on this site.
     He initially got into making with influences from Adam Savage’s Tested and Punished Props then began to integrate more complex designs as he improved with 3D modeling and teachings of circuits from school.
     He loves telling stories through engineering and especially loves the smiles and reactions he gets when people see his work for the first time. Although he has found himself drawn to making costumes for various occasions, because he liked the complex problem solving, he has been transitioning into design and crafting of mechanical systems in his personal projects as his engineering career continues. Nick has a deep passion for robotics and would like to spend his time exploring the world of animatronics in the future.
     Nick is the Alumni Advisor for the Colorado School of Mines Theme Park Engineering and Design Group, where he helps bring knowledge and passion about the theme park industry to other young engineers and advises their current Capstone Design team. He shares the belief that engineering has the capacity to tell stories in ways that other forms cannot, and he finds spreading this message to be quite gratifying. 
     Outside of building and work, he enjoys destroying his friends in ping pong, managing a softball team, and camping. He also can spend hours upon hours in Disney’s Starwars: Galaxy’s Edge or Universal’s Jurassic Park theme parks, dragging his girlfriend alongside him, because someone needs to hear about all the little details.
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